Please watch this important Introduction Video. This will save you a lot of time.

What should I do if I have login problems?
First, watch this video: http://www.screencast.com/t/JnpvGXfw9H
Please do not contact innRoad for questions. For questions about subscriptions, account access, and login issues feel free to contact Dr. Katerina Berezina at support@innRoadUniversity.com.

What is the Student ID Code?
Your Student ID Code refers to your University ID.

Why do I need a student ID code?
When using innRoad you as a class will own a hotel and you will make reservations for your guests in this hotel. Your instructor will give all students the same assignment. For example, it may be a reservation for Mr. John Blue. In this case, all reservations will be made with the name John Blue and the instructor will not be able to recognize easily who created which reservation and consequently will not be able to grade your work. In order to avoid this, you will need to add your student ID after the name of the person who you are making the reservation for. More specifically, if your student ID is 0000-0000, then you will reserve a room in innRoad for Mr. John Blue00000000.

Where can I find the tutorials and exercises?
All tutorials and exercises are listed on the HospitalityWebSuite.com website on the Exercises web page.

Where can I find the assignments?

All assignments can be found on the HospitalityWebSuite.com website on the Assignments web page.

How can I subscribe to innRoad?
Please go to the Buy Now! page page and purchase your access code.
I already purchased an access code, but the class list shows that I did not pay. What should I do?
Please send the confirmation receipt that you got from PayPal to support@innroaduniversity.com We will change the list.

I did not buy a purchase code, but I can still use the system. Does this mean that I do not need to buy an access code?
No, you still need to buy it. We allow students two weeks to purchase their access code. Once the deadline passes, your access will be deactivated. Please go to the Buy Now! page and purchase your access code.

I tried to use innRoad. The website says that “innRoad is running in another window. Please close this window and access innRoad via the other window.” but I do not see a window. What is going on?
Your browser’s pop-up blocker is activated. Please make sure to allow innRoad to use pop-ups. Please watch this short video on how to do it in Internet Explorer.

How can I change my password for innRoad?
To change your password, first, log in to innCenter, then click on your user ID in the upper left-hand corner of the page to open the User Details page. On the right side of this page, press the Edit button found next to the Password field. In the Edit Password window, enter the Current password, the desired New password, and again Confirm new password, and press the Submit button at the bottom of the window, then press Save at the bottom of the User Details Page. The user should now log out of the system and attempt to log back in using the new password.

Any other questions?
Email Dr. Katerina Berezina at support@innRoadUniversity.com.
Please do NOT contact innRoad for any questions regarding the InnRoad access or assignments.