For Students

Dear students,

Welcome to the innRoad web-based hotel property management system. If you are on this website, it means that your professor adopted innRoad for their class. Once you buy the 5-month access code, you will be able to login to the innRoad system.

The innRoad University Program aims to provide you with the real life experience of using a hotel management system. Such goal is achieved by gradually developing your knowledge and skills through the completion of the exercises and assignments. The exercises and assignments mirror and complement each other. After learning particular features of the system via an exercise, you will be given an assignment in order to test your knowledge.

IMPORTANT NOTE: the recommended browsers for innRoad are Mozilla Firefox, Chrome, and Internet Explorer. You will need to enable pop-up windows when running innRoad.

In order to start using innRoad for your class, you should:
1. Buy a semester-long subscription code here;
2. Refer to the instructions document provided by your instructor to find out your log-in credentials;
3. Watch this important Introduction Video – This will save you a lot of time.
3. Study the Exercises and tutorials to learn how innRoad works;
4. Complete the Assignments assigned by your instructor for grading.

What should I do if I have log in problems?
First, watch this video:

Please do not contact innRoad for questions. For questions about subscriptions, account access and log in issues feel free to contact Dr. Katerina Berezina at