Syllabus Add-On

In order to introduce innRoad to your students you may use the following syllabus add-ons.

1. Place a brief description under the Textbook/Materials Section of your syllabus to let students know about the subscript that they need to purchase for the semester:

innRoad Web-based property management system subscription
In order to open an innRoad account, please, visit One semester subscription is $14.99 per student.

2. Insert a more detailed description in the section explaining your class assignments:

innRoad is a real-life web-based property management system that is used by hundreds of hotels across the United States. Students will be given access to the full working innRoad system for one semester (One semester subscription is $14.99 per student). In order to subscribe, please, go to the web site and click on the Buy button. Please note that it will take some time to issue your log in and password. In order to ensure a timely access students are required to subscribe to innRoad by [Insert a due date]. Please let the instructor know if you have any difficulties with innRoad subscription.

Throughout the semester you will complete several innRoad assignments. These assignments will ask you to act as a front desk agent at a hotel. You will create your own reservations, check guests in, post and settle charges, and many more. More details about innRoad log-in will be provided by your instructor via the e-learning management system. If you have any questions, please contact your instructor, or support of the innRoad University Program at