For Instructors

This software is a web-based property management system for students in Hospitality and Tourism schools. You can use innRoad in:
• Introduction to Hospitality
• Hospitality Technology
• Front Office Management
• Lodging Management
• Other related courses

Watch a 5-minute introduction video on this system.

This software is being used in more than 40 universities including University of South Florida, University of Central Florida, and University of Nevada, Las Vegas. The best part of this software is zero installation. Once the instructor adopts the software to be used in a course, the students can start using the system immediately. There is a small charge for the student ($14.99 for 5 months access).

Upon signing up, the instructor will receive:
• A free innRoad instructor account.
• An online, live training session for innRoad software.
• Exercises, PDF and Video Tutorials created for the innRoad University Program.
• Assignments created for the innRoad University Program.
• Online Support.

In other words, with a very small time investment, you can have your students use a real hospitality application for a very small cost to the student. This software is not only good tool to teach them the hospitality technology skills but also to teach them the basics of hotel operation. innRoad is a real hospitality software which is used in hundreds of hotels around the world.

This is how you can adopt innRoad for your class:
1. Email Katerina at to sign up.
2. Your virtual hotel is set up in
3. Add the software to your syllabus.
4. Determine how many exercises you will use in your class (we have recommendations).
5. Class starts.
6. Students buy their 5-month pass at
7. Student log-in information is provided to the instructor in a Google document (to be shared with all students via e-learning website).
8. Professor assigns the exercises/tutorials.

Watch a 5-minute introduction video on this system.

To sign up or get a demonstration of the product, please email Dr. Katerina Berezina at